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    Similar to rats in their destructive tendencies, mice will multiply aggressively and cause damage by gnawing and contaminating food by leaving droppings and urine behind after feeding. There are health implications as well as their droppings can aggravate asthma and spread harmful bacteria.

    Mice will gnaw through your house wiring and electrical appliance wires which could potentially cause a fire as well as gnawing through personal belongings and furniture.

    What to look for:

    • Droppings and urine - Mice will leave large amounts of small, dark droppings and urinate everywhere they frequent.
    • Noise - Mice will make scratching noises at at night when they are most active.
    • Grease smudges - Grease can be rubbed off of mouse fur onto surfaces such as walls and skirting boards.
    • Footprints - Mice will leave footprints when scurrying across dusty areas.
    • Urine smell - Mice urinate frequently which carries a strong ammonia smell.
    • Live spotting - If you see a mouse, especially during the day, it is a strong indication that you have an infestation.